R&D Performance Products, U.S.A. announces the release of the new R&D Powershot fuel injection tunning module and fuel controller. The R&D Powershot fuel injection tuner will deliver increased horsepower, acceleration, and stronger mid-range performance by delivering a higher performing air to fuel ratio (A.F.R.) to the engine. Many of today’s high performance fuel injected four stroke muscle craft have a lean A.F.R. R&D Performance has tested, documented, and analyzed the O.E.M. fuel maps on every current fuel injected four stroke watercraft, and pre-programmed and coded the new R&D Powershot fuel injection control module to safely alter the O.E.M. fuel map to a higher performing and safer A.F.R. (richer). More horsepower, greater acceleration and stronger mid-range are the result when the proper A.F.R. is achieved and is tuned for optimum performance.

The R&D Powershot is fully adjustable on the fly (with the engine running, observed and tuned while riding), and will accommodate a wide range of adjustability to properly performance tune the A.F.R. for any combination of aftermarket parts. The R&D Powershot will add horsepower, reliability, and adjustability to any electronic fuel injected two or four stroke watercraft engine.

R&D has a Powershot unit for virtually every watercraft application! Available for all two and four stroke fuel injected SeaDoo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda watercraft. The R&D Powershot is a must have part on supercharged SeaDoos using new vortech performance high boost compressor wheels, and Kawasaki 15Fs with offshore kits!
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801-15300 Kaw. ULTRA 300X SPEED-UP MODULE $199.95
801-15310 Kaw. 2014-15 ULTRA 310 SPEED-UP MODULE $199.95
801-15311 Kaw. 2016+ ULTRA 310 SPEED-UP MODULE $199.95
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802-12001 GP 1200R / GP 1300R / XLT CAT SENSOR $25.95
802-13002 YAM. 2006 GP 1300R CAT-CHIP SENSOR use with oem ignition & D plate $16.17
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803-01001 2011-2015 SEA-DOO BOOST BOX / SCOM $249.95
803-01003 SEA-DOO 2016+ RXP-X & RXT-X 300 / '16 300 GTX / '16 RXT 260 BOOST BOX / SCOM $249.95
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802-12103 PET 2100DX TACH $299.95
802-12104 R&D TTO TACH $56.95


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