Engine Control Unit
The Advent High Performance Digital Engine Control Unit (E.C.U.), designed and developed by R&D's Bill Chapin, is a necessity for any stock or modified GP 1200R. The Advent E.C.U. Installs directly in place of the stock CDI and plugs into the original wiring harness. No rewiring needed, truly bolt-on plug-in performance. Featuring four advanced timing curves to choose from so the unit can be tailored to a stock, slightly modified, or fully modified engine. This E.C.U. boosts the spark energy 50% for increased engine performance through improved combustion. The stock CDI has a 7400 RPM rev limitation, which limits performance. The Advent E.C.U. has four higher rev limitations to choose from, all of which broaden the RPM window allowing for ultimate horsepower. The stock CDI closes the exhaust valves @ 7400 RPM limiting top speed. The Advent E.C.U. offers four exhaust valve opening servo maps, each keep the valves open at peak RPM for maximum speed. For racing applications the unit also is programmed to operate Water Injection and a Power Jet which injects fuel into the carburetors. Used by Karine Paturel-Schacht aboard her Dixie Stampied/Bo Dupriest tuned GP1200R to win the 01' Pro-Am Women Runabout Championship.

Lightweight Flywheel
The GP 1200R lightweight billet aluminum flywheel is now available. This non charging design does not utilize magnets which add centrifugal weight and magnetic drag. The performance benefits include quicker throttle response and acceleration. The weight loss at the end of the crank on the GPR increases crank life and the precision balance of the flywheel also reduces engine vibration. Compatible with stock and aftermarket CDI units.
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