14th Annual Hot Products Mark Hahn 300
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Mike Klippenstein and the R&D T1 Turbo System Win the Overall MARK HAHN 300 Championship.

The 14th Annual Mark Hahn 300 was just what everyone expected, a super long grueling race that tests the performance and reliability of each watercraft and team to the maximum.

Mike Klippenstein raced his Bill Chapin prepared R&D T1 Turbo Charged 2018 Yamaha GP 1800 to a hard fought victory over reining champion Team Pastorello/Kawasaki. In the 4 hour and 20 minute race Team Klippenstein and Team Pastorello swapped the lead multiple times, however Mike Klippenstein dominated the overall. Klipper’s 2018 Mark Hahn “Crown Jewel” win, coupled with the 2016 Hot Products “Triple Crown”, and 2016 Long beach to Catalina (another “Crown Jewel”) well proves the elite performance and reliability of all R&D Products.

Congratulations Mike and 212 Klipper Racing Team, and thank you for trusting in the proven performance of R&D Products! Congratulations to all the competitors who finished in the 2018 MH 300. Special Thanks to Hot Products for supporting this great endurance championship. Special Thanks go out to Ross Wallach and Mike Follmer for producing another fantastic Mark Hahn 300.

Trust R&D Technology, R&D Performance, and R&D “Race Proven” Winning Reliability.


2016 Long Beach To Catalina & Back Offshore Endurance National Championship
Long Beach, California

Personal Watercraft champions Craig Warner, Mike Klippenstein, Christian D' Agostin and Mark Gerner charge wide open across the Pacific Ocean to claim PWC offshore racing's top prize and the Watercraftrider.com cameras were there again to capture all of the dramatic action.

For all the record-breaking action see this You Tube link.


Yamaha Racing VGR Team wins MX2 National title in Greece

The official MX Team of YAMAHA in Greece, the Yamaha Racing – VGR team clinched the title in MX2 Class in the penultimate round of the MX National Tour. Young rider Manolis Kritikos had a successful season so far with 10 wins, one 2nd and one 3rd place finishes in the 6 Rounds of the Tour. The National Tour comprises of 7 Rounds and six of them have been completed however the 19 years old Kritikos has been way ahead in the points therefore, he has clinched the title no matter whether he will compete in the final Round. Team manager and chief mechanic Stavros Georgakopoulos (ex-multi National MX champion in Greece) revealed that the team used some new parts made from R&D that boost up the performance of the Yamaha YZ250F and enhanced the overall pace of Manolis Kritikos. Precisely the new R&D RC2 cams and the R&D velocity stack along the reprogrammed mapping provided by R&D were used in the 6th Round and raised the overall performance.


Hot Products Long Beach to Catalina & Back
IJSBA Offshore National Championship

Long Beach, California

Kawasaki Wins with R&D T1 Turbo System

They say that it was inevitable – just a matter of time. Well, Sunday was the day, and the time was 51:21 for Kawasaki Factory pilot Craig Warner to make the blast from Queen’s gate, Long Beach to Avalon and back on his R&D Turbo powered Kawasaki Ultra 310R, smashing the previous race record of 54:32 set by Billy Womack back in 2005. Craig Warner did have help via motivation from Canadian Mike Klippenstein on his equally R&D Turbo equipped Yamaha FX SVHO racecraft, as the two were engaged in an epic battle on the Pacific Ocean, only a stone’s throw from each other at the 40 mile mark, when Mike suffered an auxiliary fuel tank malfunction ending his bid for victory. This opened the door for PWCOFFSHORE.COM’s Mark Gerner, also on a R&D Turbo powered Kawasaki Ultra to secure second overall with an equally impressive time of 51.52.

Congratulations Craig, Mark, and Mike on your outstanding performance.

For all the record-breaking action see this You Tube link.

Special thanks to Rick Lake and Wayne Smith for their fantastic race coverage.


Jettribe Lake Perris Endurance Grand Prix
Lake Perris, California

Mike Klippenstein Wins with R&D T1 Turbo System

The inaugural Lake Perris Endurance Grand Prix marked the début of the new 2014 Yamaha FX SVHO watercraft equipped with the new R&D T1 Turbo System. The Grand Prix race event consisted of two one hour plus 1 lap moto’s on a 5 mile course. Running the T1 Turbo on 91 octane gas at wide open throttle for over 2 hours with average speeds exceeding
80 mph, Mike ran away from the competition, lapping the field multiple times in both moto’s in route to a very convincing victory. This victory marks the first of many for those competing with the new R&D T1 Turbo System. Congratulations Mike for being first to début this exciting product.

The R&D T1 Turbo System is very reliable for offshore racing or just recreational fun. Trust R&D Technology, R&D Superiority, and R&D Winning Reliability. R&D, We put you first.



2011 – Super Stock HydroDrag Speed Alley Champion Ron Allison - Mid-State Motorsports

Ron Allison on his R&D sponsored Yamaha FZR experienced the thrill of victory in the Super Stock Speed Alley class topping out the radar gun at 90 MPH and the GPS at 95 in only 660 feet. Congratulations on your back to back wins Ron, fantastic job! This win marks the first victory for the R&D Billet C24 Boost Wheel, Water-cooled Housing and Super Clutch System in Drag competition.

Click on the You Tube link below to see Ron’s speed run.




2011-13 – Pro Limited HydroDrag Champion Kerry Hibdon - The Jet Shop

Kerry Hibdon on his R&D sponsored Yamaha FZR takes victory in the final Championship round of Pro Limited competition. Kerry’s Wife April, took runner up honors. Congratulations Kerry and April, Outstanding performance!

2010-2013 – Super Stock HydroDrag Champion Kerry Hibdon-The Jet Shop

Kerry Hibdon on his R&D sponsored Yamaha FZR taking victory in the final Championship round of Pro Super Stock topping out at 86.6 MPH. Congratulations Kerry on winning 4 championshipd in a row!

Click on the You Tube link below to see Kerry win the main event!


2010 – APBA Offshore Sprint Champion Mike Follmer

Mike Follmer on board his R&D sponsored Factory Yamaha FZR claimed 11 of 16 victories in route to clinching the APBA Off Shore Sprint Championship.

Click on the You Tube link below to see Mike Follmer riding his Yamaha FZR on Lake Havasu


2009 - Mike Follmer

Mike Follmer on board his R&D sponsored Yamaha SHO, currently leading the APBA Off Shore Championship.



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