Stock 1200 STXR Avg. Speed 62 mph @ 6950 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D STXR 1200 Aquavein Intake Grate
Part #: 111-15001
7000 63-63.5 mph
R&D STXR 1200 Ride Plate Kit
Part #: 121-12000
7000 63-63.5 mph
R&D STXR 1200 Sponson Kit
Part #: 121-12100
7000 63-63.5 mph
R&D STXR 1200 Cylinder Head Kit
Part #: 411-15042
7150 65-65.5 mph
R&D STXR 1200 Power Plenum Air Filter Kit
Part #: 200-01240
7200 65.5-66 mph
R&D STXR 1200 Reed Stuffer Kit
Part #: 271-90500
7250 66-66.5 mph
STXR 1200 Solas 15/21 Concord Impeller
Part #: 131-01624
7300 66.5-67.5 mph



Parts/Kit Overview

The Kawasaki 1200 STXR is a great boat right from the factory! The STX hull has been the basis for Kawasakiís great success in national and world competition! The Ultra 150 1200 cc engine placement in the STX hull has produced an almost unbeatable combination in all-out competition! The Kawasaki 1200 STXR has great handling, great stability and turns very good. However, in the hard-core recreational world it lacks in top speed performance! The R & D stage 1 kit is the answer for significantly improved acceleration and top speed performance! If you are looking for more top speed performance, check out the R & D stage 2 and stage 3 performance packages.

  • The new R&D STXR Aquavein Intake Grate will reduce cavitation while increasing overall handling, straight line stability and top speed performance. The R&D Aquavein Grate will keep the STXR's pump loaded and hooked up, increasing rough water top speed averages 2-3 mph!

  • The R&D STXR 1200 Ride Plate Kit will increase handling and turning capabilities substantially! Itís performance capabilities are backed by back-to-back national and world championships.

  • The R&D STXR 1200 Sponson Kit will increase straight line stability and improve high speed turning capabilities.

  • The R&D STXR 1200 High performance 42 cc o-ringed cylinder head kit will add significant low and mid range acceleration, and a much needed increased top speed performance.

  • The R&D STXR 1200 Power Plenum Filter Kit will add increased overall engine performance. Improved acceleration and increased RPMís of 100 plus will add top speed performance. R&D Performance is the only aftermarket company that offers a filter kit for the STXR 1200ís O.E.M. carburetor assembly, contrary to a recent magazine article in Watercraft World.

  • The R&D STXR 1200 Reed Valve Stuffer Kit will add a noticeable increase in low and mid range horsepower! A slight modification to the O.E.M. manifold will be necessary to have a larger intake runner and smoother transition from the manifold to the reed valve stuffer. More volume in the intake means more overall power with this combination.

  • The R&D STXR 1200 Solas 15/21 Concord Impeller will add a top speed performance increase of .5-1 mph. However, the stock STXR 1200 impeller is very good and hard to beat!

NOTE: The stage 1 kit runs on 91 octane fuel! Slight carburetor re-jetting will be necessary!

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