Stock Ultra 150 Avg. Speed 62.5 mph @ 6800 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
Ultra 150 Aquavein Grate
Part #: 111-15000
6800-6850 62.5-63 mph
Ultra 150 Ride Plate Kit
Part #: 121-15000
6800-6850 62.5-63 mph
Ultra 150 Extended Steering Nozzle
Part #: 161-15000
6800-6850 63.5-64 mph
Ultra 150 Sponson Kit
Part #: 121-15001
6800-6850 63.5-64 mph
Ultra 150 42cc Performance Head
Part #: 411-15042
7000-7100 64.5-65.5 mph
Ultra 150 Dynafly 16/20 Impeller
Part #: 131-01620
7150-7250 66.5-67.5 mph


Ultra 150 Power Plenum Filter Kit option
Part #: 200-00140
7250-7300 67 mph
Ultra 150 Reed Stuffer Kit option
Part #: 271-90500
7250-7300 67 mph

Parts/Kit Overview

The Kawasaki Ultra 150 Stage 1 Performance Kit was developed and tested to improve handling by delivering a more comfortable and stable ride by eliminating porpoising. The new extended ride plate kit along with a new lengthened steering nozzle, and adjustable sponson kit, will deliver much smoother steering with new found control. Acceleration and top speed are noticeably improved using the R&D Performance O-ringed 42 cc Head Kit and a Solas Dynafly 16/20 impeller. R&D Stage 1 Performance Kits are developed to install easily, maintain a high level of reliability, and meet your expected performance needs.

  • The R&D Ultra 150 Aquavein Scoop Grate will reduce cavitation while increasing overall handling, straight line stability and top speed performance.

  • The R&D Ultra 150 ride plate kit will substantially reduce porpoising and enhance overall handling and straight line stability.

  • The R&D Ultra 150 Extended Steering Nozzle is manufactured from high quality cast aluminum for strength. The R&D steering nozzle will reduce porpoising and increase cornering capabilities.

  • The R&D Sponson Kit will substantially increase cornering capabilities by keeping the rear end of the Ultra 150 from sliding through tight turns. Also, straight line stability is increased!

  • The R&D 42 cc O-ringed Cylinder Head Kit will significantly increase acceleration and will add additional RPM’s and top speed performance.

  • The Ultra 150 Dynafly impeller available from R&D Performance will reduce cavitation and increase hook up, RPM and top speed performance.

NOTE: With the higher compression ratio of the R&D performance 42 cc head kit, cranking compression will be approximately 145 psi. It is strongly recommended to use high grade 91-92 octane pump gasoline exclusively. Also, additional carburetor jetting may be necessary.

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