Stock SuperJet Avg. Speed 43 mph @ 6300 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D SuperJet Extended Ride Plate Kit
Part #: 122-70102
6300 43.5-44 mph
R&D SuperJet Aquavein Grate Kit
Part #: 112-70102
6300 43.5-44 mph
R&D/Solas 13/17 Concord Impeller
Part #: 132-013/17
6450-6500 45 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Recreational 35cc Head
Part #: 412-70035
6550-6650 45.5-46 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Limited Engine Control Unit
Part #: 802-00701
6650-6700 46-46.5 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Power Plenum Filter Kit
Part #: 202-00138
6700-6770 46.5-47 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Reed Stuffer Kit
Part #: 272-70301
6770-6800 47 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 W/J Exhaust System Kit
Part #: 332-70102
7000-7050 50 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Front Sponson Kit
Part #: 122-70201
7050 50 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 6 Degree Handle Bar Kit
Part #: 512-70106



Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Yamaha Superjet Stage 2 Performance Kit was developed to improve handling and overall engine performance over the R&D Stage 1 Kit with easy to install bolt on performance parts. The main addition to the stage 2 kit will be the R&D Water Jacketed Exhaust System, which will add a significant horsepower improvement! The stage 2 kit installs easy and maintains great reliability!

  • The R&D Ride Plate is extended 2.5 inches which will dramatically reduce porpoising and increase top speed over the short O.E.M. plate!

  • The Aquavein Scoop Grate substantially reduces cavitation and loads the impeller more efficiently as well as improves cornering and stability.

  • The R&D Recreational Series 35 cc Head Kit will increase acceleration and top speed, and is designed to run on 91 octane pump gasoline.

  • The R&D/Solas stainless impeller will add 2.5 mph to top end performance, as well as reduce cavitation.

  • The R&D S/J Engine Control Unit is a must have performance part for any level of performance modifications! The R&D E.C.U. will unleash hidden low end and mid range power, and stays off the rev limiter with the adjustable RPM control, which will add top end performance in rough water conditions.

  • The R&D high performance water-jacketed exhaust system will add a significant boost of 22 peak horsepower, and increases of 200-300 RPM’s are noted. Tremendous acceleration and top end performance will be substantially increased by 2-3 mph!

NOTE: When adding the exhaust system, Power Plenum Air Filter and reed stuffer options, re-jetting the carburetors will be necessary! R&D Performance offers the proper jetting specifications in the exhaust system or Power Plenums installation instructions!

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