Stock SuperJet Avg. Speed 43 mph @ 6300 RPM

Description of Parts RPM Top Speed
R&D SuperJet Extended Ride Plate Kit
Part #: 122-70102
6300 43.5-44 mph
R&D SuperJet Pro Limited Grate Kit
Part #: 112-70106
6300 43.5-44 mph
R&D/Solas 13/17 Concord Impeller
Part #: 132-013/17
6450-6500 45 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 30 or 32cc Billet Head Kit
Part #: Specify cc
6600-6650 46-46.5 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Limited Engine Control Unit
Part #: 802-00701
6700-6750 46.5-47 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Power Plenum Filter Kit
Part #: 200-00120
6750-6800 47-47.5 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 M-16 Reed/Manifold Kit
Part #: 262-20701
6850-6900 48-48.5 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 W/J Exhaust System Kit
Part #: 332-70102
7150-7200 51.5-52 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Dual 48 Novi Carburetor Kit
Part #: 48 Novi
7250-7350 52.5-53 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Pump Inlet Stuffer Kit
Part #: 112-70203
7250-7350 55.5-56 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 Front Sponson Kit
Part #: 122-70201
7250-7350 55.5-56 mph
R&D SuperJet 701 6 Degree Handle Bar Kit
Part #: 512-70106



Parts/Kit Overview

The R&D Yamaha Superjet Stage 4 Pro Limited Kit has been exhaustingly and extensively developed, tested and perfected over the past 6 years! Many or all of the parts listed in this kit have been used over the past 6 years to win every pro limited national and world championship! When building the ultimate pro limited racing machine you can build and race with confidence knowing that better performance parts for the Yamaha Superjet simply do not exist!

  • R&D offers a choice of either 30 or 32 cc cylinder head chambers for precise tuning.

  • The R&D E.C.U. is pre-programmed with four race proven, easy to adjust ignition curves!

  • The R&D/NOVI 48 mm Carburetor and M-16 Reed Valve Kit is the top performing intake system available for any level of modifications performed to the Yamaha 701 engine.

  • The R&D Water Jacketed Exhaust System will deliver better throttle response and acceleration than any other brand, and has enough top end horsepower to win any race anywhere!

  • The R&D 701/760 M-16 Reed Valve Kit comes complete with dual 46/48 Mikuni Intake Manifold, R&D Carburetor Mounting Plate Kit, reed valve adaptor / spacer, and all necessary assembly hardware. For those who have or decide to use Moto Tassinari Reed Valves, R&D offers the M-16 style manifold machined to match the Tassinari Reed, which includes the R&D carburetor mounting plate! Order the reed valve spacer separately.

NOTE: The NOVI Carburetor Kit will require an auxiliary fuel, and 2 fuel pickups recommended!

NOTE: R&D suggests the use of high grade racing fuel such as VP or Union 76. Check with the I.J.S.B.A. to verify the legality of racing fuels available!

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