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R&D Turbocharged T1 Yamaha FX SVH
R&D Kawasaki 1500 SX-R
R&D Turbocharged T1 Yamaha FX SVHO
R&D Turbocharged T1 Yamaha GP1800
Sea-Doo RXP300X
R&D Turbocharged T1 Kawasaki Ultra
R&D Sea Doo Spark
R&D's Sea-Doo Spark 60mph Kit
R&D's Yamaha FZR SVHO Pro Stock Kit
R&D Kawasaki Ultra 300 Turbo Kit
R&D T1 Turbo Kit for Yamaha FZR/SHO
2012 Sea-Doo 260 RXP-X - World Excluive
R&D Yamaha Follmer FZR Mark Hahn 300 spec - World Excluive
R&D's Yamaha VXR Stage 1 Kit - World Excluive
R&D's Yamaha FZR Limited 2010 - World Excluive
Mike Follmer's R&D Yamaha FZR Off-Shore - World Excluive
R&D's 92+ MPH Open Yamaha FZR - World Excluive
R&D's Yamaha FZR #18: The Real Monster - World Excluive
R&D's FZR Pro Stock vs. FZR Limited - World Exclusive
Smooth Moves -PWI, August, 2004
The Fifth Element: Speed - PWI, May, 2004
An Unfair Advantage - PWI, February, 2001
Tools for the Tricks - PWI, February, 2001
Unlimited Performance - Splash, August, 1998
Straighten Up - Splash, February, 1996
Make it Snappy - Splash, July, 1995
Retro Rocket - Splash, March, 1995
Performance with an Attitude, Watercraft World, January, 1995

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