Straighten Up!
R&D Racing puts an end to your porpoising XP800

By: Tom Kerker, Photos By: Jeff Ames


Why is it that no matter how hard a watercraft manufacturer tries to design and please the masses, there’s always somebody who is never quite satisfied with out-of-the-crate performance? Well, since it is impossible to please every individual, this leaves a wide-open parts emporium for the aftermarket manufacturer.

It’s no doubt that Sea-Doo’s XP800 is a high-performance dream come true, but the fact is they all have a severe porpoising problem. With the general focus being speed, handling is of utmost importance. For the most part, 800’s handle very well in the turns, but when the water turns a bit rough, that aggravating porpoising effect takes over. Once this happens you either have to back off the gas or hope the water miraculously smoothes out. Since backing off the gas is the logical solution, it still doesn’t solve anything! The high performance people at R&D Racing have developed a kit that puts an end to that annoying up-and-down, hopping action. This way you can concentrate on keeping the throttle opened and rocketing across the choppy water!


It's all got to do with handling. The smoother your craft goes across the water, the greater your overall control and of course fun factor. R&D's extender kit consists of three basic components: "Wings" if you really want to get technical. Their three-piece kit is a simple bolt-on kit, which extends the planing area at the lower rear area of the hull. This subtle, yet effective increase dramatically reduces overall porpoising, at any speed. The second feature of the kit has to do with the reduction and steering nozzles. Both nozzles are available in a wide range of bore dimensions. For overall improvement, R&D Racing recommends the use of an 87mm exit, 89mm steering combination. This is ideal for most recreational users. If you've already equipped your 800 with a few engine hop-up modifications, then an 85mm exit, 88mm steering nozzle setup are what they suggest. All these components can be purchased separately or as a complete kit. Of course, the best way to achieve greater control and handling is to stick with the complete kit.

According to owners Bill Chapin and Glenn Dickinson, their complete kit XP 800 also improves top-end speed, because of the greater handling effects of the craft. The best part about this package is that any rider can benefit from these bolt-on changes. You don't need to be an all-out racer, recreational riders will notice that their ability to become more aggressive is accompanied by less porpoising. R&D Racing also manufactures their exclusive, patented "Aqua-Vein" intake grate. Bill says that if you want your 800 to remain under total control in rough water, you must start from the pump inlet area, then proceed to the rear nozzle and hull area. Fortunately, R&D Racing makes all these components and they're easy enough for the user to bolt-on themselves.

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