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Turbo Chargers

Pt. # 622-00001 Borg Warner 6857 w/.64 A/R Turbine Housing STD*
Pt. # 622-00002 Borg Warner 6857 w/.85 A/R Turbine Housing STD*
Pt. # 622-00003 R&D/Borg Warner 6857 w/.64 A/R Turbine Housing R&D Modified**
Pt. # 622-00004 R&D/Borg Warner 6857 w/.85 A/R Turbine Housing R&D Modified**

Pt. # 622-00005 Garrett GTX 2871R w/.64 or .86 A/R Turbine Housing (specify A/R)
Pt. # 622-00006 Garrett GTX 2876R w/.64 or .86 A/R Turbine Housing (specify A/R)
Pt. # 622-00007 Garrett GTX 3071R w/.64 or .86 A/R Turbine Housing (specify A/R)
Pt. # 622-00008 Garrett GTX 3076R w/.64 or .86 A/R Turbine Housing (specify A/R)

Note: Call R&D for pricing on Garrett Turbo Chargers and fitment options

*Turbocharger Standard; Standard Borg Warner; billet compressor wheel, titanium exhaust turbine blade, recirculation blow off valve and internal waste gate

**Turbocharger R&D Modified; R&D modified Borg Warner; Modified inducer housing to accept 3” inlet hose, Modified volute with extended adaptor to accept 2.250” silicone hose, stainless bracket installed and indexed for R&D billet bracket kit, also indexed for R&D Turbo Intercooler , oil drain outlet and oil drain hose assembly, water inlet and outlet fittings kit, billet compressor wheel, titanium exhaust turbine blade, recirculation blow off valve modified with heavy spring, internal waste gate. This is what comes in the T1 System.

Pt. # 621-00015 Ceramic coated turbine housing (reduces turbine housing temperatures 400F)
Pt. # 621-00017 Kawasaki specific oil feed line kit (replaces/installs in supercharger oil feed line outlet to turbo)
Pt. # 622-00018 10-18 Pound Actuator (T1 Kit Specific)
Pt. # 622-00019 18-26 Pound Actuator (T2 Kit Specific)

Turbo Mounting Bracket Kits

Kawasaki ULTRA 250-310X Billet CNC machined Turbo Charger Assembly mounting bracket kit. The R&D Kit allows the Turbo Charger System to be properly secured and supported to eliminate the possibility of stress breakage. NOTE: If you are contemplating purchasing a Turbo Charger Kit, and the kit does not have, or offer multiple structural supporting mounts, you will experience breakage! Buy an engineered kit!

Pt. # 621-00020 Ultra 250/260 Billet CNC machined turbo mounting bracket kit
Pt. # 621-00021 Ultra 300/310 Billet CNC machined turbo mounting bracket kit

Flywheel/Stator Cover Oil Drain Fitting Installation

R&D offers a Modified OEM Flywheel cover w/ custom turbo oil drain system or customer can send in their flywheel cover for shop service to install the custom turbo oil drain

Pt. # 621-00030 New Flywheel/Stator Cover with Turbo Oil Drain
Pt. # 621-00031 Flywheel/Stator Cover Shop Service to install Turbo Oil Drain to customer supplied cover

R&D/Borg Warner Turbo Charger Turbine Inlet and Exhaust Outlet Pipe Kit

The R&D Borg Warner Inlet and Outlet Pipe kit fits all Yamaha 1.8 engines 2009 and up. Order Turbo mount kit model specific. See Turbo mount kits listed above. Kit comes with the following parts;

Handcrafted Indy Race Car quality water-jacked stainless steel exhaust pipe In and Out of Turbo, Aluminum Exhaust Adaptor Kit with O2 sensor adaptor and O2 Plug, Stainless Steel V-band clamp specific for Borg Warner Turbo, and all waterline, coupling hoses, fittings, and stainless hose clamps.

Pt. # 621-0036 R&D/BW Inlet and Outlet Pipe Kit

Turbo Muffler Kits

The R&D High Performance Turbo Exhaust Muffler Kit eliminates the hassles of cutting hulls and fabricating costs with a pre-fitted custom water muffler system kit that’s bolt in ready.

Pt. # 621-00037 Ultra 250-310X

Intake Air Filter Kits

The R&D T1/T2 Turbo Pro Comp Filter kit is a custom 3” inlet that will provide all the air needed to feed all the ponies in the T1 and T2 Turbo kit.

Pt. # 621-00046 2009-All FZR/FZS/SVHO FZR

Fuel System Parts & Accessories

Pt. # 801-30000 Ultra 300-310 R&D Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator kit w/ all OEM connectors
Pt. # 900-02180 R&D Fuel Pressure Gauge
Pt. # 611-27517 R&D Fuel Pressure Gauge Adaptor
Pt. # 811-35340 R&D 340 LPH Fuel Pump Kit
Pt. # 811-25257 R&D Fuel Pump Swedge Install Tool

O.E.M. Ignition Turbo Re-Programming/Tuning for ULTRA 300X ECU’s (Coming Soon)

Optional Boost Controllers

Pt. # 622-00053 Turbo Smart Dual Stage Electronic Boost Controller. Offers two switch selectable boost pressures (Included in T1 System)
Pt. # 622-00054 Turbo Smart Single Manual Boost Controller (Optional)

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