R&D T1 Turbo System
Ultra 310 Recreational/Offshore

Kawasaki Wins with R&D T1 Turbo System

They say that it was inevitable – just a matter of time. Well, Sunday was the day, and the time was 51:21 for Kawasaki Factory pilot Craig Warner to make the blast from Queen’s gate, Long Beach to Avalon and back on his R&D Turbo powered Kawasaki Ultra 310R, smashing the previous race record of 54:32 set by Billy Womack back in 2005. Craig Warner did have help via motivation from Canadian Mike Klippenstein on his equally R&D Turbo equipped Yamaha FX SVHO racecraft, as the two were engaged in an epic battle on the Pacific Ocean, only a stone’s throw from each other at the 40 mile mark, when Mike suffered an auxiliary fuel tank malfunction ending his bid for victory. This opened the door for PWCOFFSHORE.COM’s Mark Gerner, also on a R&D Turbo powered Kawasaki Ultra to secure second overall with an equally impressive time of 51.52.

Congratulations Craig, Mark, and Mike on your outstanding performance.

For all the record-breaking action see this You Tube link.
Included Components:

Engine Kit

  • Turbocharger; R&D modified Borg Warner; billet compressor wheel, Titanium exhaust turbine blade, recirculation blow off valve and waste gate, ceramic coated and modified for quick spool up to eliminate turbo lag
  • Turbo Smart Dual Stage Boost Controller. Offers two switch selectable boost pressures
  • 10-18 pound Blow off Actuator
  • Billet CNC machined turbo mounting bracket kit
  • R&D’s optional Crankcase Ventilation System, offers maximum crankcase ventilation to maintainoil level for added engine reliability

R&D Fuel Pressure Regulator

  • R&D Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator kit w/ all OEM connectors
  • R&D Fuel Pressure Gauge/Adapter kit

Boost Controllers

The Turbo Smart boost controller offers “on-the-fly” low and high boost settings. The two (user tuned and defined) boost settings are switch selectable between 10-16lbs. and up to 18lbs. for a quick top speed blast.

  • Turbo Smart Dual Stage Boost Controller. Offers two switch selectable boost pressures (included)
  • Manual Boost Controller (optional)
  • Boost Controller mounts directly to the Intercooler mount.
  Complete T1 System: $8,000

Recommended Components; (Not included in T1 Turbo Kit)

  • R&D Turbo/Engine Cooling kit
  • R&D Aquavein Intake Grate
  • R&D Pump Seal kit
  • R&D Ride Plate
  • R&D Sponson kit
  • R&D Pro Pitch Prop

Additional Requirements for operating @ 8600+ RPM and 18+ pounds boost


  • R&D/CP Forged Racing Pistons
  • R&D/CP Forged Rods (or equivalent)
  • R&D High Performance Head Gasket


  • R&D 255 Turbine Fuel Pump
  • High Octane Race Gas
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