R&D T1 Turbo System
FZR/SHO/SVHO Recreational/Offshore
8600 rpm max. with OEM engine internals

(See additional requirements for operating @ 8600+ rpm)

Mike Klippenstein wins Lake Perris
Endurance Grand Prix with T1 Turbo System


The R&D Yamaha Turbo System has been under serious development and testing for several years, and R&D is very proud to finally announce its immediate release. The R&D Turbo Charger System has been designed, developed, and rigorously tested to offer “Top Shelf” performance along with a Bullet proof strong reliability! In Fact, the R&D T1 Turbo kit for the Yamaha is the only kit to be “RACE PROVEN” and WIN in offshore competition! The R&D T1 & T2 Turbo System’s are 100 percent complete and all-inclusive. Every aspect from design and build to engine management has been studied and perfected. The T1 offers tuned and tested reliable high performance on a recreational platform. The T1 is perfectly tuned to run on 91 octane pump gas and offers “on-the-fly” low and high boost settings. The two (user tuned and defined) boost settings are switch selectable between 10-16lbs. and up to 18lbs. for a quick top speed blast. The top speed range is easily 78-80 mph on low boost settings and easily up to 85+ mph on high boost. Going with the R&D T1 Turbo System is a fantastic way to enjoy totally reliable and hassle free performance without the repeated expense of supercharger clutch failures. Want more power? The R&D T2 Turbo Kit will deliver an additional 100+ H.P. over T1! Order yours today!


Included Components:

Engine Kit

  • Turbocharger; R&D modified Borg Warner; billet compressor wheel, Titanium exhaust turbine blade, recirculation blow off valve and waste gate, ceramic coated and modified for quick spool up to eliminate turbo lag
  • Turbo Smart Dual Stage Boost Controller. Offers two switch selectable boost pressures
  • 10-18 pound Blow off Actuator
  • Billet CNC machined turbo mounting bracket kit
  • Flywheel cover w/ custom turbo oil drain system
  • R&D’s Crankcase Ventilation System. Offers maximum crankcase ventilation to maintainoil level for added engine reliability

Turbo Inlet and Outlet Pipe

  • Handcrafted Indy Race Car quality water-jacked stainless steel exhaust pipe in and out of turbo
  • R&D high performance aluminum turbo exhaust muffler kit. Eliminates water box and produces a performance exhaust sound
  • Aluminum O2 sensor adaptor
  • Stainless steel V-band clamps
  • All waterline, coupling hoses, fittings, and stainless hose clamps

Turbo Muffler Kit

The R&D High Performance Turbo Exhaust Muffler Kit eliminates the hassles of cutting hulls and fabricating costs with a pre-fitted custom water muffler system kit that’s bolt in ready. The Muffler produces a nice performance exhaust sound.


  • R&D T1 Turbo Intercooler. Offers the latest in intercooler efficiency and performance
  • Intercooler mounting bracket with all hardware
  • Mandrel formed aluminum intercooler tubing
  • Silicone couplers, stainless steel hose claps, and all assembly fittings and hoses

Power Plenum Intake Air Filter

R&D T1 Turbo Pro Comp Filter kit. The custom 3” inlet will provide all the air needed to feed the ponies

R&D Fuel Pressure Regulator

  • R&D Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator kit w/ all OEM connectors
  • R&D Fuel Pressure Gauge/Adapter kit

Ignition Tune

  • R&D has spent countless hours testing and developing Turbo Ignition Tunes for the OEM ECU's that perform absolutely perfect. There’s no need for an expensive aftermarket ignition system. R&D ECU Programs have won many Championships over the past 4 years in all Pro Stock, Pro Limited, and Open classes.
  • The T1 ECU provides “tuned for you performance”. No laptops or downloading hassles needed. Just plug it in and your ready to go FAST! (Customer supplies ECU)
  • Upon request R&D will also provide a tune for MoTeC ECU’s. Call for specifics and pricing.

ECU/Relay/Fuse Box/Slant Re-locater Kit

The R&D ignition system relocation mount kit relocates the ECU, relays, solenoid box, and slant detector to the back left side of the hull. Relocating the ignition system allows the transom to be completely cut to the transom wall to approximately 2” above drive shaft bearing carrier. The R&D Re-locator Kit allows for a true factory racer finish that organizes the electrical system and cleans up the entire engine room compartment.

Optional Boost Controllers

The Turbo Smart boost controller offers “on-the-fly” low and high boost settings. The two (user tuned and defined) boost settings are switch selectable between 10-16lbs. and up to 18lbs. for a quick top speed blast.

  • Turbo Smart Dual Stage Boost Controller. Offers two switch selectable boost pressures (included)
  • Manual Boost Controller (optional)
  • Boost Controller mounts directly to the Intercooler mount.

Flywheel/Stator Cover Oil Drain Fitting

R&D offers a Modified OEM Flywheel cover with custom recirculating Turbo Oil Drain System, or customer can send in their flywheel cover for shop service to install the custom Turbo Oil Drain. This is a gravity fed system that will return oil back to the crankcase without back pressure.

Crankcase Ventilation System

R&D’s Crankcase Ventilation System offers a solution to relocating and modifying OEM crankcase breather box assembly on 2009-2010 model engines, and also works on 2014 and up models without breather boxes. The R&D kit serves two purposes; it blocks off the supercharger mounting area, as well as offers more than double crankcase ventilation. All 2009 and up Yamaha engines can benefit from improved crankcase ventilation to reduce or eliminate high crankcase pressures. This system properly ventilates the engine to keep the oil from migrating out of the motor.

  Complete T1 System: $10,500

Recommended Components; (Not included in T1 Turbo Kit)

  • R&D Engine Cooling kit
  • R&D Aquavein Intake Grate
  • R&D Pump Seal kit
  • R&D Ride Plate
  • R&D Sponson kit
  • R&D Racing Pump Kit (all stainless steel); 14 Vein, 160mm, 83mm hub, extended driveshaft, billet adjustable pump cone, and R&D 160mm Pro Pitch Impeller
  • Or R&D 160mm Twin Prop with 75mm hub for OEM pump
  • R&D 160mm stainless steel Wear Ring and Housing

Additional Requirements for operating @ 8600+ RPM and 18+ pounds boost


  • R&D Super Single Valve Train upgrade kit
  • R&D/CP Forged Racing Pistons (8.6, 9.5, and 10.5:1 Compression Ratio’s available)
  • R&D/CP Forged Rods (or equivalent)
  • R&D High Performance Head Gasket
  • R&D Performance Cam Gears


  • R&D 340 Turbine Fuel Pump
  • R&D 1000cc Injector kit
  • R&D Fuel Relay kit
  • High Octane Race Gas
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